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New York, New York!

You know that feeling when your soul just feels alive? That’s it. The feeling I get when I’m in a big city, specifically NYC! Yet, after about a week, you are longing for the quiet solitude that country life affords. That’s me. I live for the city, yet deep inside I’m an old southern soul. I call it the best of both worlds. On a side note, I always said I wanted to find a guy that could survive in the country, but look good in the city, too. As most of you know that are reading this, I scored big there. Baby J is the epitome of a classy, good ole’ southern politician trucker, but back to the trip.

Oheka Castle in Huntington, NY was the first stop on our trip. We spent two nights in the castle and attended a wedding. The wedding was perfect. The perfect display of the new beginnings of love — sweet, lovely, and heart-warming. The attention to detail was apparent in everything from the gold-foil name cards to the awesome display of desserts that ended the night. Either it’s a sign of gaining more wisdom (i.e. aging) or simply that I’m now married, but I find myself really soaking in the words given and vows exchanged at weddings. Anyone else like this? I took a few mental notes to take back and apply to my own life.

“Love is patient, love is kind…It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” Adapation of 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Thursday morning we checked out of our castle room and headed into the city. Unlike the train ride in, we Ubered our way back in and what a ride. Traffic. Traffic. Traffic. After checking into at our hotel near The Wall Street Exchange in Manhatten, our exploring began…and continued for the next 3 days. The trip consisted mostly of historical landmarks, food, and walking.

Eats this NYC trip:

  • Levain Bakery: A small hole in the wall bakery that I’ve wanted to try for years. After walking several blocks, we arrived to quite the line. The shop itself is in the lower part of a building right off the sidewalk with barely enough room to turn around in, but produces some big flavorful cookies! I got the chocolate chip walnut cookie & Baby J got an oatmeal. The chocolate chip was my kind of cookie. The size of your palm almost. Perfectly crunchy outside with ooey gooey warm chocolately center. The oatmeal was good, as well. I think they were around $4.50 a cookie and worth every penny.
  • Dough Doughnuts at City Kitchen: City Kitchen is this cool city market with an urban, industrial vibe. It reminds me a lot of Krog Street Market in Atlanta. We went for the doughnuts at Dough. The blood orange was my pick and it was good. If you’ve followed my personal Instagram account for anytime, you’ve noticed I hunt down doughnuts and I have to say this wasn’t my favorite. It was cakier than I prefer, but the orange glaze was divine. I will probably give them another chance when I return to the city. The iced latte was perfect. I think both were about $8.
  • Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar: For a Times Square restaurant, this spot is pretty good, but for the Diners, Drive-in, & Dives man himself, I wasn’t so impressed! I was expecting a few burgers on the menu but had to settle for the one — the Bacon Mac n Cheese Burger ($19.50). It was good, but nothing I’ll remember next week. On the other hand, his burgers on Carnival cruise ships are AWESOME! Baby J lives for those. The Buffalo Bleu-Sabi ($14.95) appetizer wings were spicy with the just the right kick. I can’t remember what Baby J ordered, but another person with us ordered the Huli Huli Roasted Chicken ($22.95) and it was such a huge portion we all tried it. Very good! Fall off the bone tender. It was overall a good experience. I love Guy Fieri’s story and his shows, so it was a win-win. Plus, you could shop his gift shop for some cool, non-touristry souvenirs.
  • Trump Grill: Baby J is a huge Trump fan, so Trump Tower is always on our itinerary, so we had lunch at Trump Grill inside of TT. We decided on the Steak Sandwich ($26) & Mar-A-Lago Club ($21). The steak sandwich was a grilled NY Strip steak with blue cheese on garlic bread. It was quite tasty. If you love blue cheese and rich flavor, this open-faced sandwich will hit the spot. The club was packed full of turkey, cheese, and bacon complete with a fried egg.
  • Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant:
  • Bleeker Street Pizza
  • Piemonte Ravioli
  • Eileen’s Special Cheesecake
  • Cafe Spice
  • Shelsy’s of Brookyln


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